There’s nothing like it

For years Monty’s has been the secret of spectacular gardens and flower beds. That’s because our key ingredients work together to bolster root growth, promote germination, and assist with rapid uptake of nutrients by the plant.

Feeding the leaves is key

Monty’s plant foods are so efficient they work best when applied to the leaves, where they provide quick uptake directly to the plant. This is different from how fertilizers work; they first must break down the ingredients with water and then find their way to the root system. In other words, plant foods feed the plant, fertilizers feed the soil.

Worry-free gardening

Monty’s plant foods are a combination of stable, quality ingredients, and have been formulated to promote faster root development, stronger plant growth and increased flower, fruit and vegetable production. They are also low in salt, pH balanced, safe for kids and pets, non-toxic and non-corrosive, water-fast in approximately one hour, and will not burn your plants (when diluted as directed).  And, we use naturally-sourced, food grade ingredients.

Spray it on…it’s that easy

Our proprietary technology is making it possible to rebuild your soil with far less effort than the old days of tilling, aerating, and dethatching.  Try Liquid Carbon as a highly cost effective means of enhancing aeration, reducing compaction, increasing moisture retention, and assisting with breakdown of organic matter. Plus, if you compost, it’s like composting only faster!