What To Do with Over-grown Summer Squash

I was SO mad at myself!  I had been looking forward to the simple buttery taste and texture of summer squash ever since I first planted the hills this spring. The plants had grown beautifully..with the help of Monty’s 8-16-8 and Monty’s 2-15-15. Then, I got distracted.  Then rain kept me out of my garden.  Meanwhile the squash kept growing.  Literally by inches a day.  I now have over a dozen behemoths like those pictured here.

The normal-sized squash and zuchini in the foreground are included as a reference and perspective as to how large these garden gargantuans actually are. They are over 12" in circumference and upto 20" long!

I was bound and determined NOT to waste these so I called the fount of all things useful: MOM.  Mom told me that I could cut into the big ones and see if they are still somewhat tender, read that “usable” and if the seeds were still small (a good indication that the flesh is not going to be grainy and mealy.) She also said I could dry these seeds so that I would not have to buy seeds next year.  Both were good suggestions, but would not help me use the sheer volume of giant squash and zucchini.

So I went on a search. Did you know there are very few web pages or other sources of information on what to do with overgrown squash?  But then, I finally found one.  Thank you to my new friends at www.veggiegardener.com !  Because of them, I now have a recipe for my over-zealous gourds and I wont have to waste them.  Check out the recipe, here.

As for the little fellows that I am now harvesting.  They have a date with my wife; tonight, we make squash pickles!  I’ll post that recipe later.